Meatball bears(Teriyaki meatball bears recipe)

Meatball bears(Teriyaki meatball bears recipe)
Original recipe makes 16 meatball bears
The measuring cups used are all the type that is used in the US.
Meat ball
300g/10,6oz  Ground pork
1/2 Onion(190g/6,7oz/ finely chopped )
1/3Cup japanese panko or bread crumbs
3Table spoons beaten egg
1Table spoon soy sauce
1Tea spoon grated ginger
Oil for deep-frying
For teriyaki sauce
3Table spoons sugar
3Table spoons soy sauce
2Table spoons mirin sweet cooking sake

1.  Prepare the teriyaki sauce first.Combine the soy sauce,mirin, and sugar and bring the mixture to a boil over medium low heat until the sauce thickens and reduces by ten to twenty percent.
2.  Make meatballs. Put the finely chopped onion, pork ground meat, japanese panko or bread crumbs, beaten eggs, soy sauce and grated ginger in a bowl, and mix everything well.
Divide into 16 parts, and make each of them into a bear-shaped meatball like in the picture. Since ground meat shrinks when heated, make the ears rather big. Stick them well so they will not fall apart when you fry them, and place them one by one on a piece of parchment paper.

3.  Heat oil in a pan to 170 degrees(340F) Celsius. Place the parchment paper with the meatballs in the pan to fry them. Once the surface of the meat has hardened, flip the meatballs and remove the parchment paper. Fry until cooked through and once done, place on a wire rack to drain the excess oil.
*Be careful, since if you try to flip the meatballs before the surface has hardened, the ears may fall apart. Finally, glaze the meatballs with teriyaki sauce. This sauce goes well with grilled chicken too.

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