How to make edible eyes( recipe)

How to make edible eyes
An easy-to-make amount.
0,7oz(20g)egg white
1/4teaspoon unsweetened black cocoa powder
3,5oz(100g) powdered sugar(5x the weight of the egg whites)
First, make the squeeze bags.
Cut a piece of baking parchment about 12 inches(30cm)long.

Fold diagonally as seen in the photograph.


Lay the baking parchment as shown.

Roll the parchment from the edge as in the photograph.

Roll so that the end is pointed, adjusting as necessary. 
Fold and tuck the last bit inside.
The first squeeze bag is then done.

Make 2 of these.

Now, make the Edible Eyes mixture.
Put egg whites into a bowl.
Add powdered sugar (5x the weight of the egg whites) and mix.

Put 1/5 of the egg white mixture into a separate bowl. Add black cocoa powder and mix.

Put each mixture into a separate squeeze bag.
Setting the squeeze bag in a narrow glass can make it easier to pour in the mixture.
Fold the edge of each bag over when done.

Cut the point of the squeeze bag with a scissors.
Squeeze small amounts of the white mixture on to baking parchment.
Set aside for about 10 minutes so that the surface is somewhat dry.

Squeeze small amounts of the dark mixture on top of the white mixture.
When you are all done, set the eyes aside for 24 hours to dry. After they have dried, use the edible eyes as you like to add eyes to sweets, bread, fruit, and so on.
These are fun because each pupil is unique and let you make lots of different expressions.

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