Cheesecake Bears Recipe

It looks like a regular cheese cake.
But look! There is a bear at the bottom!

Cheesecake Bears Recipe

15cm×15cm(5,9in×5,9in) Square cake molds

For Cheesecake
200 g/7,1oz  cream cheese(room temperature)
100g/3,5oz  heavy Cream
60g/2,1oz  caster sugar
1 egg
1tablespoon lemon juice

For face
6g/0,2oz  cake flour
2g/about 0,1oz cocoa powder
8g/0,3oz  powdered sugar
8g/0,3oz butter(room temperature)
8g/0,3oz white of egg(room temperature)


Use a pencil to draw the shape of the cake on an oven sheet. Draw the eyes and nose of the bear as well like shown in the picture.

Cut the oven sheet that you plan to use on one side of the cake mold.
Make a paper cone. If you do not know how to make one, you can use this video as a reference.


First of all, make the dough for the face of the bear.
Soften butter to room temperature and put it in a bowl. Add the sugar and mix well.
Add the egg whites and mix well.
Add the cake flour and cocoa powder, mix, and put inside the paper cone.

Turn around the oven sheet where you drew the face, and wring out the dough on top of it.
Once you are done, put it in the fridge and keep refrigerated until immediately before use.

Make the cheese cake. Put the cream cheese in a bowl, and whip until it becomes creamy.
Add the caster sugar, eggs, heavy Cream and lemon juice in this order, mixing each ingredient well before adding the next.

Place the oven sheet where you drew the face of the bear on an oven plate, and then place the cake mold on top of it. Fill the mold with the dough and bake for about 30-35 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius.Once the cake has cooled down completely, take it out of the mold.
Baking times and the temperature of the oven will differ according to the model, so please make adjustments accordingly.

Because this blog translates Japanese in a translation site and writes it, there may be the place where a sentence is wrong. sorry.

Thank you for reading this to the end.


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